We asked a team of marketers and video production pros what they thought of whiteboard animation as a style.

They gasped in horror.

They did not like it one little bit.


“They feel cheap because the idea lacks creativity. The drawings themselves can be creative, but it really doesn’t matter because the idea is such a turnoff”


“They are super dated. There was a point when it seemed absolutely everyone did one of these. That was maybe 5 years ago.”


“It looks so low effort that it makes your audience think you don’t care about it, and then why should they if you don’t?”


“’It’s nearly impossible to make it on-brand. A very narrow style of illustration and artwork works with whiteboard, and it’s unlikely this happens to be your brand style. It also means they all look the same, as a consequence.”


“The particularly heinous ones use a static hand holding a pen and move that around and it looks really quite silly. That’s not animation. It’s nonsense.

“This style shows that the company has zero consideration for its audience.”

Well there you have it! If your heart’s still set on a whiteboard animation, then maybe this one didn’t do a good enough job of convincing you. If you’ve changed your mind…then we’re in an endless logic black hole.

To escape, contact a real animation company.