If you’re targeting small businesses and video is not central to your marketing strategy, then your marketing strategy is incomplete. I know that we would say that, as a video production company, but we have data to back it up. We surveyed 150 small business decision makers to understand how they like to receive marketing from suppliers and the results proved without a doubt that video matters. Here’s why:

YouTube is an essential discovery platform for SMEs

49% of the small business decision makers in our survey said they find out about new products and services on YouTube. And since 30 million people use YouTube every day, this single platform offers significant lead gen potential. Quite simply, if you optimise your YouTube channel, create content strategically and promote it skilfully, you can tap into this enormous online market.

SMEs LOVE Facebook

Even we were surprised by how prominently Facebook featured in our small business marketing survey:

  • 53% find out about new products and services via Facebook
  • 52% get their news from Facebook.
  • 78% use it daily.

Yes, your Facebook marketing strategy could be limited to text and images. However, it’s a huge video consumption platform, with over 100 hours of video content consumed on the social network every day (and we’ve already demonstrated with previous research that social video marketing works). That means that any SME brand that wants to maximise its marketing effectiveness should be looking into Facebook videos.

Business advice in video format = a SME favourite

We asked our small business decision makers where they go to for business advice, and video featured heavily. 56% would seek out advice videos on YouTube, while 38% would look for videos on company websites. This represents an enormous opportunity for SME marketers to use corporate videos for building thought leadership and developing trusting relationships with their target market.

There really is no excuse for ignoring video in 2021, particularly if you are selling to small businesses. Get in touch to get your video marketing strategy off the ground.

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