Videos are some of the most valuable assets when it comes to teaching. A good training video will communicate the right messages to its audience, be engaging and memorable. But they can be difficult to execute, as they often need to make dull topics more interesting, in order to keep the attention of the viewers. As John Cleese said, “people learn nothing when they’re asleep and very little when they’re bored.”

So here are ten of our favourite training videos that don’t bore us to sleep.


British Airways Safety Video

Humour is tricky to pull off when it comes to training videos. This brilliant example shows how comedy can work really well. With the use of well-known personalities, it delivers some great laughs without being cheesy. Top marks!

St John Ambulance

On a more serious note, the best training videos can offer sensible and practical advice in dealing with an emergency, with the intention of saving lives. This video is informative, sharable and watchable.

Cancer Code

This initiative by the European Commission was made to educate people on the recommended steps they can take to reduce their risk of cancer. The animation makes this serious and daunting topic more approachable and hopefully, encourages people to take action.


Viacom – How To

A friendly tongue in cheek approach to help people overcome many challenges that can pop up during the working day, including how to perfect a handshake and keeping your lunch safe from office fridge raiders! Funny, light-hearted and informative – a training video well done.


How To Use Xiidra

Instructions on a printed leaflet can be very dull, so this training video (as an addition to instructions) does a great job at showing Xiidea users what’s what.


Virgin Atlantic Safety Film

Another in-flight safety film which tickles the viewer’s imagination. Using a creative storytelling telling approach is a fail-safe way to keep the viewers’ attention whilst feeding key information.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

This beautifully crafted video gives a step by step process on exactly how to brew a coffee using an AeroPress, specifically if you’re camping in the woods. A nice tongue in cheek watch for the coffee lovers out there.


Easy Jet – Secret Training Video

This internal training video from EasyJet reveals the ‘secret code’ cabin crew use to communicate during a flight. Entertaining, although we’re not sure how true to life some of it is.


Kurupt FM – How to DJ Properly

This is a witty insight into ‘how to DJ’ – the crew from West London pirate radio station KuruptFM teach us just how to make it in the music industry.



And last but not least, a great (albeit dramatic) insight into why certain behaviour and actions are not acceptable in the workplace. It definitely makes you think.


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