We sent our team of video production magicians on an online mission to find the best product demo videos on the web. Here’s what they came back with.

Harmon Kardon Product Demo

They said: We like how the graphics guide us from room to room following the different applications of the Harmon Kardon.

Hotel Group – Product Demo

They said: Glossy and slick animation with nice transitions and good balance of product interface shots and product demo.

Mobi-Marketplace Product Demo

They said: Nice character animation with engaging voice over. We like the animated interface to illustrate the demonstration.

Rebel Dream Bag Product Demo

They said: A slick product demo, with tech-y graphics which explain each part of the bag. We also like how the bag is portrayed.

myQaa Product Demo


They said: A lovely animation to explain what myQaa does. The animated stats and icons are also a really nice touch and help to illustrate the voice over. We like how the people are not character animations, but silhouettes – a sound stylistic choice.

Meet Airtable

They said: A simple animated recreations of interface on desktop & phones. Nice icon animation too.

Introducing Apple Watch Series 4


They said: A typically slick Apple product demo. We love the camera movement, the mix of CGI and filmed content, the epic music, and the dramatic voice over.

Introducing the new iPad Pro


They said: another high production value, dramatic product demo by Apple. This one is both informative and makes you want the product! We like the mix of CGI and filmed content as well as the dramatic music.

Galaxy S10: Official Introduction


They said: A really slick product demo that’s very informative but at the same time makes you want to buy the product. We like the mix of CGI, filmed content and the use of graphics to illustrate what the product does. We also love the nano shots of inside the phone and the recreations showing how the technology works.

Amazon Echo – Now Available


They said: We like the mix of engaging voice over and real customer testimonials. This helps to demonstrate the product further. We were also drawn in by the documentary style filming of the product and vox pops.

Astro: Your Inbox Just Got Smarter

They said: We love the abstract animation style to demonstrate the product interface. It’s a very creative way of showcasing a product.

Introducing the new SurveyMonkey

They said: This is a really nice animation with clever introduction of abstract computer and mobile devices. The way the interface is shown is seamless.

Introducing iPhone XR — Apple


They said: We love the music, the demonstration of the camera’s depth of field and water resistance. A really modern product video.

Say Hej to IKEA Place

They said: We like the mix of filmed content and graphics to demonstrate how the app works. This video has an engaging voice over and it’s pretty stylish too.

Salesforce CPQ & Billing Demo

They said: A light-hearted, comical video that shows demonstrates Salesforce CPQ and billing through dramatised scenes, animated interfaces and an engaging voice over.

Cambridge Sound Announces ‘Nightingale,’ Smart Home Sleep System

They said: A stylish CGI video showing Smart Home Sleep System. Excellent use of graphics and smooth transitions which show both the product exterior and interior, while also demonstrating how it is suited to different environments.

Meet Google Home

They said: A slick video with nice CGI demonstrations of the product, both inside and out. The graphics are simple, which works really well.

A Modular Masterpiece: Product Demo | HP Elite Slice | HP

They said: An epic demo video. We love the simple but stylish graphics which help illustrate different parts of the product. The transitions between scenes are seamless and the production value is very high.

Marketo Marketing Automation Demo Video

They said: This detailed demonstration of Marketo Marketing software offers a good quality recreation of the user interface with abstract animation and icons.

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Written by Sian Evans, Head of Production at Definition.