Visual storytelling is a craft. And like any craft, you need a plan – a blueprint. In the video world, that’s called a storyboard. It maps out each shot, comic book style, before you start filming. And it’s crucial. Why? Let’s dive in.

Prep is everything

A storyboard is prep at its finest. It’s where your ideas take shape, dialogue meets visuals, and the story’s flow comes together. You connect the dots here, so you’re not making costly calls on the fly when it’s go-time. You’ve got a plan.

It keeps things consistent

Without consistency, your story’s a mismatched mess. Storyboarding makes sure each frame flows seamlessly into the next. It gives your video a clear narrative thread so viewers don’t get confused.

It’s the universal language

A ‘storyboard’ is video’s shared language. It communicates your vision to the whole team: cinematographers, animators, designers, actors and editors. So the entire crew is on the same page, literally and figuratively.

You save time (and money)

Time is money in video. Storyboarding highlights potential issues before you’re on the clock. It streamlines the process, reduces reshoots or redesigns and maximises efficiency.

You can flex your creative muscles

Having a storyboard can enhance creativity. It offers a safe space to experiment with angles, pacing and compositions. Think rough sketches before a masterpiece. It’s where you play around to find what works, so you can tell your story right.

Bye bye guesswork

Imagine building a house without a blueprint. That’s video production without a storyboard. It removes the guesswork and is a tangible reference to guide you from concept to delivery.

To wrap it up…

Storyboarding isn’t just step one – it’s the backbone of your video. Whether it’s a filmed advert or a new animated demo, it can make or break a coherent story from a disjointed one. It’s where your project truly comes alive before you make anything move. So don’t skip it.

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Written by Sian Evans, Head of Video at Definition.