Aklimate is a technology platform that helps companies reduce carbon emissions by targeting their supply chains. The supply chain typically accounts for up to 80% of corporate emissions and Aklimate helps suppliers measure emissions and identify opportunities for reductions.

The company needed an explainer video to showcase its functionality to potential clients. The video would sit on Aklimate’s home page, so it needed to support the brand story, reflect the visuals of the site, and appeal to its varied corporate target audience – Aklimate already counts Y Combinator, Monmouth Coffee Company and the World Wildlife Fund among its clients.

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The video was to replace an existing piece of content – a simple platform walkthrough that demonstrated the product, but the team didn’t feel it was engaging the viewer.

After examining Aklimate’s brief, we decided against using character animations and literal representations – we didn’t want to follow the traditional path used in the supply chain world of showing trucks, trains and ships. We thought a cleaner style would work and went for a bouncy ball as a metaphor for the client. This offered us the opportunity to keep the video visually slick without clogging it with too many assets.

We had to make sure to keep the content on-brand, with movement that is detailed and smooth – this is a very detailed exercise that produces a very simple-looking result. We then used sound effects to elevate production value.

We kept the script concise, giving the video a nice balance between being an explainer and showing what the platform does. The script also had to fit in with the language on their site: Aklimate is all about supply chain reporting made simple, and we therefore needed to convey that simplicity with every element of the video. And we chose a commercial-sounding, friendly and relateable voice over.

Sian Evans, our head of production commented: “We loved working on this explainer. Aklimate was a really easy client to work with – responsive and very clear on what they needed. The team came together nicely to produce something we are all proud of.”

“It was great working with Definition on our video.  From the outset, they got to know our business, understood our objectives and what we really needed. They worked with us collaboratively to produce a really creative video that exceeded our expectations.” – Harry Humfrey, Founder, Aklimate 

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