If you’ve ever wondered why explainer videos never go out of fashion, well, it’s because there’s always something new to explain – and video is a great way to get the job done.

And what you choose to explain is up to you, too: from getting super granular on how a specific service works, to going big on how your brand is the best in town.

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Now, we’ve been around the block a few times here at Definition, and we’ve seen our fair share of explainer vids. So we thought we’d whip up a list of some of the slickest ones for your viewing pleasure. Grab some popcorn, kick back, and get ready for a mini-binge session that might just spark your next great idea. We’ve also chosen our top explainer animations, if you’re looking for even more examples.

(And if any of these do cause a little cartoon lightbulb to appear above your head – shoot us a message and we can talk you through making your very own explainer video.)


OK, we’re starting on a real high with this one. What if you let a story do the explaining for you? This is basically a short film, but it made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside (and shed a little tear too).

Inspire Clean Energy

Anything about climate change risks turning off viewers, given how serious the subject matter is. So this is how you balance the message with an appealing twist. We really loved the illustration style and the stripped use of colour. The subtle but powerful shift from negative to positive, dark to light works perfectly too.


Is it just because we love cats? Or is it the cute illustration style and sound effects? Super on brand, works a treat (pun intended).


A vid about an online advertising platform could be super dry. But we love the character style used in this animation. And those bold colour combos are hard to ignore too.


So obsessed with these super tactile, 3D miniature sets. They might be digital, but they feel so satisfyingly real.


What if work was as simple as play? That’s the vibe of this one, which uses the left-to-right movement of a 2D platformer game to drive the narrative, with the visuals (and the music and sound FX) telling us everything we need to know.


Mixing pure animation with real life assets – this cut and paste montage style really brings the product to life.


It’s nice to see a bank be more playful with their content – targeting younger people with a fun style that isn’t off-putting for parents either!


Can’t. Stop. Looking. At. The. Colourful. Shiny. Shapes! We love Figma, and we love this animation. Using abstract representations of the platform keep things dynamic and interesting.

Honda Alphabet

If you really want to show-off your animation skills, this is how to do it. 2D, character, stop-motion, and pretty much everything in between. And yes, they really do go through the whole alphabet.

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Written by Sian Evans, Head of Video at Definition.