Find the list of the Best British Freelance Animators.

If you’re producing an animated video, the last thing you can afford to cut corners on is the animation. The same is true for motion graphics – if they don’t match neatly with the real-world footage, they stick out like a sore thumb. However, if you’re not in the business of making videos, it can be hard to know what to look for, especially with the rise of online listings that boast suspiciously low prices.

Fortunately, we have plenty of video experience as an animation company and we’re here to help. At Definition, we have created hundreds of animations for prestigious clients like Admiral Insurance and Johnson & Johnson, so we know the difference between a good animator and a truly great one. We have used our expertise and industry relationships to build a list of leading UK freelance animators with ideal options for all sorts of animation and motion graphics projects, and we’re excited to make it freely available online.

Our free database is very simple – it’s just a list of top-notch professional animators that we trust alongside their field and their website. You can check out their sites to get an idea of each animator’s strengths and compare them to find the perfect freelancer for your projects – just be sure to let them know that we sent you.

If you’re making an animation and you’re proud of the results, check out our lists of marketing awards and corporate video awards that you can enter to show it off.

Or, if you’re looking for start-to-finish video content production, including glossy animations and elegant motion graphics, get in contact our MD, Jamie.

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