Find the list of the Best British Camera Operators

In an age when everybody has a high-resolution camera in their pocket, it’s easy to assume that anyone can be a camera operator – but don’t be fooled. Amateur footage is often shaky, overexposed and poorly framed, whereas a professional camera operator brings the right equipment for the job and produces great-looking footage every time. While it’s possible to clean up audio or to try a different approach to post-processing, there’s nothing you can do to rescue a poor video after the fact.

If you need a camera operator but don’t know what to look for, we have you covered. At Definition, we work on more than 500 corporate videos every year, so we’ve met our share of camera operators. We have collected a list of top-notch freelancers, and we’re making it freely available online so you can find the perfect camera operator for your project. Our database links directly to their websites so you can get an idea of each operator’s specialities and review their portfolio before reaching out directly – but be sure to tell them Definition sent you.

Once you and your professional camera operator have produced something you’re proud of, check out our lists of marketing awards and corporate video awards that you can enter.

If you want to produce high-quality video content but don’t know where to get started when it comes to sourcing talent, writing a script or editing, contact our MD, Jamie.

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