Looking for new talent? Don’t waste time sifting through dull CVs. A top-notch recruitment video is your secret weapon.

As a corporate video production company, we’re big believers in the power of video to attract the right people. Candidates get a real feel for your culture and what makes your company tick. No wonder the big names use them to stand out from the crowd.

To get you inspired, our team’s picked out some of the best recruitment and HR videos out there. Time to get hiring?

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This recruitment film doesn’t faff about. It’s slick, has high-quality production value and gets straight to the point. It also champions diversity, leaving us ‘McLovin it’.


The NHS recruitment video really packs an emotional punch. It’s all about making a human connection, with a soundtrack that hits you right here (points to heart). The cinematic look and blue colour grade give it a big screen feel you won’t forget in a hurry.


This recruitment ad from Heineken pulls out all the stops. It uses plenty of captivating visual effects, it’s enticing, fun, and leaves you yearning for an interview. Job well done!


Bolt’s recruitment video is a perfect fit for a buzzy tech startup. It’s all about the upbeat vibes and showing off their culture. Plus those cool, dynamic transitions? We’re giving them a big thumbs up.


Simple yet fun, Beamery’s film proves that creating a compelling recruitment video doesn’t always require a Hollywood budget. Theirs is simple but fun, with happy employees front and centre. It’s all about showing their out-of-the-box culture – no boring details needed. We’re giving them props for thinking differently.


Starbucks have gone all out with the sleek visuals on their recruitment video. It looks a million dollars, with captivating camera movement fast-paced flow, and dynamic transitions. They’ve nailed making the brand look fresh and exciting, even if the actual culture side gets a bit lost. Style over substance? We’re still watching.


Ikea’s recruitment video makes you think about your skills in a fresh way. It’s aimed at a wide audience and gets the job done. Although we reckon they could’ve played up their iconic store setup a bit more. Still, a great effort.


Microsoft’s recruitment video has real global brand power. It’s all about that mission-driven vibe and sweeping visuals that whisk you around the world. The graphics and bold styling give it a real wow factor.

Burger King

Language barriers aside, Burger King’s recruitment music video is an absolute vibe. Sure, we don’t understand all the lingo, but who cares when it’s this catchy? It stands out from the crowd and leaves you craving…well, a Whopper if we’re being honest.

John Lewis

John Lewis are the Christmas ad top dogs. Where their recruitment video isn’t quite as heart-warming as those, it still gets one big selling point across – their employees are also shareholders. It looks the business with those high production values.


Domino’s takes a leaf out of Burger King’s book for recruiting the youth market. Those cheeky football chants make for a proper earworm ad. You’ve been warned – they’ll be stuck in your head all day. Smart move, even if it’s driving us potty.

New Zealand Police

Have we saved the best for last? It feels like a Taika Waititi-Mission Impossible fusion turned into an advert for joining the New Zealand Police. We’re hooked. Action-packed and featuring real officers, by the end, you’ll be itching to sign up.


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Grace Dunsby

Written by Grace Dunsby, Video Producer at Definition