Recruiting can be hard at the best of times. It takes time to find the right person, make sure they’re a good fit for your company culture, and then integrate them into the team. But one thing that can make finding the right person a bit easier is a high-quality recruitment film.

As a corporate video production company, we know that recruitment videos work because they give potential candidates the best possible insight into your company, helping them assess whether they will fit in with your culture and getting them excited about potentially joining your team. The big firms use them because they work. To help you generate some ideas, here’s our production team’s pick of the best recruitment videos.


This Dropbox recruitment film is funny, engaging and kind of makes us want to work there (if we weren’t already at TopLine Film, of course). It pokes fun at everything you see in a typical recruitment film, with puppets talking about company culture and the perks of the job. It’s got a great script to boot. Very clever indeed.



Global audit, tax and consulting services might not scream ‘interesting’ to a lot of people, and this recruitment film seems to understand that. It opens with a personal story linking martial arts and RSM together with really nice graphics and filmed content. It’s slick, on-brand and unique. We love it.

Bamboo HR

This recruitment film nails the ‘great place to work’ message. It’s got some really positive soundbites that highlight Bamboo HR as being a nice, considerate company to work for. The fact that we see employees happy in both their work and personal life hammers the message home.


This recruitment film is unusual because it tells you nothing about what the company in question does. But it does it so well that it leaves you wanting to know more. And it certainly comes across as a fun and creative place to work.


Like the Dropbox video, this recruitment video also pokes fun at the stereotypical recruitment film with a clear message at the end which basically says if you’re hard working, join Fiverr. This approach might not work for a large corporate company, but it’s certainly something an SME could take inspiration from.


This recruitment film is thorough, taking you through every aspect of what it’s like to be a Zendesk employee. But it’s not too serious, much like the Dropbox and Fiverr films. What you see is exactly what you get without any of the normal recruitment film sugar-coating.


We love everything about this recruitment film, from the shooting style, the employee interviewers, the sound, design and slow-mo. Oh, the slow-mo! FMC seems like a pretty awesome place to work.


Here at TopLine Film, we’re suckers for good animation, and this one certainly gets us excited. Not only does it look awesome, but there’s 64 lines of copy, read by 35 employees, using 18 culturally distinct vocal styles, covering 5 languages. Good job guys.


This short video opens the doors to highlight just some of the unique careers and talent in the MOD. It keeps things simple, showing awesome people doing quite incredible things day in, day out.


A very funny and relatable video which focuses on WFH (working form home). This is becoming more popular with recruitment videos, but Apple shows us how well it can be done.

U.S. Space Force

We challenge anyone to watch this and not want to join the Air Force afterwards. This big budget video feels a lot like a feature film, but at only 30 seconds long it appeals to possible recruits in a concise and engaging way.


A very funny slapstick video from SodaStream featuring Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (The Mountain from Game of Thrones). some nice use of comedy mixed with graphics, and having the behind the scenes clip at the end is a really nice touch.

Founders Brewing Co

This is a nicely made video that relies on very pretty footage of brewing with sincere interviews. It after watching this you don’t want to work for Founders Brewing Co, we can guarantee you’ll want a beer.

This is an unusual type of video as it’s produced by Wistia (rather than Zappos themselves) as part of their ‘how they work’ series. In that respect, it’s more of a case study, which in some ways makes it more credible.

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