An explainer video is in essence, a video which uses the technique of explaining a concept in such a way that it markets your brand. There is a wide gulf between a good explainer video and a bad one. We study the marketplace constantly and we’ve noticed that a number of mistakes appear over and over again. What’s truly frustrating for us is that those mistakes are very easy to avoid.

A bad video won’t achieve good results. Audience numbers will be low and there will be limited – if any – follow-on interest. So, if you have recently released an explainer video, and it’s not performing as well as expected, we just might be able to tell you why!

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It’s too long

We know you have a lot to say and that you expect your video to be the goose that lays the proverbial golden egg – but if you try to communicate everything about your product or service, the impact will be lost. A simple, bite-sized and specifically targeted message is a lot easier for your viewers to understand and remember and will achieve better marketing results.

Your viewers have already clicked away

The first 30 seconds of your explainer video are incredibly important. Introduce your product or service up front as the solution to the viewer’s problem. Say it in a meaningful punchy way and use visual aids that will be memorable and attractive.

Your audience has no idea what you’re talking about

Keep it simple. There is nothing impressive about using jargon. All it does is make people switch off. And that’s exactly what your viewers will do. They’ll simply conclude that they’re not the target audience and click away.

It looks cheap

In the age of online everything, people are used to seeing quality design – they know what a good video looks like. A professional brand needs a professional looking video. If it looks like rubbish, your video will end up in the bin.

People can’t find it

How and where you present your video matters almost as much as the actual content. Your distribution strategy is crucial – and with an abundance of explainer videos out there online, you can’t simply sling yours onto YouTube and hope for the best. At the very least, you have to give it a good spot on your homepage and support it with an integrated marketing strategy.

There is no doubt that explainer videos can deliver big beautiful results for your brand. But now that everyone and his mum have produced one, you have to go the extra mile. In order to be seen, you need to consider your target audience and the best and most innovative channels to reach it.

Explainer videos can be effective if done well! Luckily, we are an experienced explainer video company with key skills in creating.

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