When the Partnership for Education team at Cambridge University Press & Assessment reached out to us, we couldn’t contain our excitement. Cambridge has a mission to shape stronger, more equitable societies through education. They partner with governments and organisations around the world to improve education systems. But it’s not something they’re really known for – which means missed opportunities to work together and transform even more communities.

So that gave us our brief. We set out to craft captivating content that widened the lens on Cambridge’s work and helped to develop future partnerships.

The power of the public service announcement

When you get under the skin of Cambridge’s work, it’s amazing. But talking about the hard work that goes into transformation is trickier. Processes that change lives sound dull on paper. And they do a lot of different things in different places. We needed to find a way to pare back the story and make sure we’re connecting emotionally with the viewers.

That’s when we hit on reinventing a classic: the public service announcement. We imagined multiple TV screens, each displaying short snippets of Cambridge’s diverse work. Since we couldn’t travel all around the world and meet their partners, we blended in (very) carefully chosen stock clips that brought their story to life.

We’ve made it sound simpler than it was. Getting the intro and outro TV screens just right was tricky. Combing through stock footage to find the right quality and content was a painstaking process. Our production team never back down from a challenge, though. With our language team, they made sure that a strong script, evocative imagery and powerful stats all pulled together to shine a spotlight on Cambridge’s global impact.


Cambridge trusted us to take them into new territory – and it paid off. Here’s what the team told us:

“It captures the essence of the revised approach…putting our clients’ challenges and aspirations at the heart of what we do.”

“It’s a hit! We’ve just played it at an event, and we’ve already received compliments from several delegates!”

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